Swisscows places great importance on family-friendly Internet content!

Our friends -Waldemar Gerdt, Member of the German Bundestag, and Andreas Wiebe, founder of Swisscows AG, have established the Swisscows data center located among the Swiss mountains. In terms of security level and quality of service, this data center is fully compatible  with Tier IV (a 4-point Data Center Tier Classification system). Swisscows is the most cyber-resilient and the highest-performance infrastructure  nowadays.

Swisscows is the data-secure Google alternative. A search engine in which your privacy is protected. Swisscows does not monitor or store any data.

Swisscows places great importance on family-friendly Internet content! Search results do not contain sexual and / or pornographic content.

All Swisscows services bring the social benefits to all mankind and preserve the ecology on planet Earth.

Swisscows aims to preserve and promote pro-family, pro-life, national  and religious values.

By God’s help, Swisscows will open data-centers  all over the world, including in Kyrgyzstan!

For the sake of preserving the physical, psychological and spiritual health of our children, we-parents must learn and teach our children how to use the safest IT technologies like Swisscows and certainly, we should help this kind of companies develop!

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