The aim and objective of the UN are to defend the rights of NATIONS, not the rights of LGBT NGOs!

All national laws and international human rights treaties are preserving the statehood. The fact that biased NGOs (financed by international funds ) are violating the current law on NGO by interference in the internal affairs of our country, not only these abovementioned NGOs go on violating the Kyrgyz Constitution, they are violating the laws of the donor countries those finance international organizations! The activities of NGO goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights! They contradict the aim and objectives of the United Nations! The UN is the United Nations — Please, pay the due attention NATIONS, not the NGOs financed by international organizations.

The UN’s goal in Kyrgyzstan is to assist the Kyrgyz government and the same task the UN should do in other countries! In the framework “Open Government Partnership” the biased NGOs are interfering in the internal affairs of government and at the same time, they have the power of lobbying the concerning laws in the Parliament. Moreover, the NGO is asking the international organization to adopt sanctions to Kyrgyzstan, their Motherland during the COVID-19 pandemic! Despite those facts of violations, we are inviting them to the discussion in the National Parliament! It is the highest point of DEMOCRACY! There is no analogy of this event in other countries!

The UN Representative and The Head of EU Delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic have left our discussion. I address this speech to them – this law is aiming to preserve our statehood that comply with the aims and objectives of the UN. If the UN Representative is no aware of basic principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we advise him to read the Kyrgyz Law and learn a mentality of Kyrgyz Nation! In case of his nonstop interference to the internal affairs, we, the Kyrgyz nation will be forced to sue the authorities of international organizations in the Permanent Court of International Justice of the Hague. We will require international organizations to conduct the independent investigation and audit of the UN staff, those are interfering to the internal affairs of our country!

In the end, their baseless insinuation and proposals target the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and the Eurasian Economic Union, thereby continuing to achieve an anti- Russian and anti-Chinese attitude by the help of social networking in the mainstream media!

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