The United States has entered into the phase of the most difficult period in its history, which could lead to a civil war with the corresponding consequences!

Two antagonistic ideologies in the United States have the power of this country equally! The co-rulership (Diarchy) and disorientation of the national ideology …!

I. The so-called democratic party whose democracy is built on the defamation of universal human values ​​and propaganda of artificially modulated pseudo-scientific postulates that they impose on the world through the fake international organizations!

This political force is controlling the powerful  mainstream medias in the world,  the biological laboratories,  the fake  international organizations (funds) and pseudo-civil formations (NGOs), in essence, they are Fifth Columns in all countries of the world!

By the collapse of the USSR, the whole system of world relations has collapsed! This vacuum was filled with the infernal ideology of pseudo-integration globalization!

However, like all artificial formations are not based on time-honoured moral values,  this system has entered into  crisis relations with the whole world! First of all, it runs counter to itself!

By the military power and through granting to their agents, they used to lobby their interests in other countries. Their time is coming to end!

II. All of above mentioned has brought the American Nation’s passionary (hero),   Donald  Trump  to  power and he has proclaimed the preservation and development of true national and true family values ​​as a priority of his activity during presidency!

The respect for the national and political interests of other nations/countries and their relationship with the interest of the United States has become the basis of the presidential activity of Donald Trump …!

The antagonistic contradiction within the political confrontation in the United States has created the pandemic of the Coronavirus!

In the fight against Donald Trump, the infernal political forces have lost their positions in the United States and in the world as well! The model of the “Satanic world governance” built by infernal political forces within 30 years   has begun to fall apart! In the aim of  maintaining their positions, they (infernal political forces) have  unleashed a biological war!

This is the targeted biological attack with careful dosage! All signs of a pandemic have proved it!

With funds of infernal political forces, the Fake Mainstream Media, the fake international organizations and Fifth Columns  in the countries  are  supporting  them in  the informational space by  using administrative resources …!

All countries have to understand that nowadays the USA is represented by two United States! The US represented by infernal political forces, who have unleashed a biological war and the US is the blessed America represented by Donald Trump!

The world must support Donald Trump!

To a large extent, Donald Trump can influence on a protracted global crisis with unpredictable consequences, chaos or on a new world order built on the consideration for the interests of all the nations of the world!

The victory of Donald Trump will stop the new biological attacks around the world! Needless to say, in the new political mosaic of the world, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Eurasian Economic Union are becoming the center of world civilization!

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